Web Services  
The goal of Militantplatypus.com is to provide quality website development at affordable prices. We here at Militantplatypus will take the time to listen to your needs and ideas, and incorporate them into a flexible site design.

Rates start at $35.00 per hour, and the first hour is free!
Services include:

  • Site design based on flexibility and growth
  • Use of PHP to provide both a consistent site layout, and ease of updating
  • Use of Java Script for dynamic page layout and photo display
  • Graphics and logo design
  • Copy editing and creation
  • Database integration for use with MySQL databases
Additional options and discounts are available if you choose hosting through dreamhost.com

Please contact me at with any questions and or availability.

If you want to check the progress of a site that I am already building for you, go here.


Freeware/Open Source Tools

  • HTML KIT - A great editor program to help you make changes and updates to your website.
    For more details and questions, visit chami.com
  • FileZilla - Open Source FTP program to allow you to upload all your files
    For more details and questions, visit Sourceforge.net
  • Colorcombos.com - A web site to help you choose color combinations
  • stylephreak.rogrun.com - another great site to help you choose color combinations
  • Coppermine - A free, open-source media gallery. Check out the Theme viewer here.
  • Past projects:

    Little Green Cards

    Doctor Easter ND

    WOW Baking Co.

    Kaj Bune Photography