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prince edward

Naught little prince
-Played 5,768 times-

shinobi quest

Battle is your only option
-Played 8,907 times-


a very inventive puzzle platformer
-Played 6,161 times-

thanks for playing

You must unplay this game
-Played 6,947 times-

doors out of office

Don't let the boss catch you
-Played 5,544 times-

maximum frustration

Only 15 levels...
-Played 5,991 times-


Tricky is only the beginning
-Played 4,020 times-

unfreeze me

Guide the water, free the birds
-Played 5,690 times-

simple motions 2

Physics motion redux
-Played 5,225 times-


No jumping
-Played 3,256 times-

go robots

Robotic teamwork
-Played 5,420 times-

portal 2d

An excellent Portal clone
-Played 5,094 times-

shape fold

Can you make it fit?
-Played 6,016 times-

pheus and mor

The best of friends
-Played 3,029 times-

treefrog treasure

Fun with learning
-Played 3,448 times-

viaduct designer

Steamdom needs you
-Played 4,445 times-

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